dotSUB allows visual journalists to share work


Although the Internet serves as an effective medium for visual journalists to distribute their work with the rest of the world, a common obstacle that many run into is allowing for viewers of different languages to understand their work. However, there is a simple online solution to this problem: dotSUB.

dotSUB is a software company that specializes in subtitling movies for free. It has gained a lot of recognition since being used by TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design), which is a nonprofit organization that holds conferences in hopes of spreading ideas. It often gets experts from a wide variety of different fields to speak to an audience and teach them about ideas that can better the world. Obviously, the company hopes to reach the largest audience possible but language barriers often pose a problem when it posts videos online. This problem was solved when dotSUB started its TED Open Translation Project in 2009, which looked to provide subtitles to the TED talks. By collaborating with dotSUB, TED was able to increase its international Web traffic by 350 percent.

dotSUB uses a simple four-step process to add subtitles to movies. First, users must upload their videos to the website. It is important that the video is under 2 GB in file size. Next, users need to transcribe the video. This can be a timely process since all the dialogue that is going to have subtitles must be typed out. The next step is to translate the video dialogue. This is a relatively easy step, as the website provides the translations. Finally, users share their videos. The video can be embedded into different websites and blogs.

In addition to providing subtitling services, dotSUB also has a number of translated videos on its website. Users can even create their own accounts to save their favorite videos on the site.

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