Harvard study reveals young voters aren’t involved


With the 2012 presidential election just days away, I decided I was browse through the Internet and see what was buzzing in the media about early voting, voter turnout, absentee ballots and last-minute campaigning by President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney.

Among the many articles and videos I browsed through, something in The Huffington Post caught my immediate attention. There was an article about how  youth seem discouraged this election year because, according to a study done at Harvard University, the percentage of young voters ages 18-29 has dropped 15 percent compared with 2008.

As a college student, I consider myself to be very interested in politics throughout the year – whether or not we are undergoing an election. I find it disturbing that college students and young people are not involved in the political process because our lives are affected by political decisions being made each and every single day.

I am not an advocate for telling anyone what to care about, but I do think it is important as an American to be involved and informed in politics, especially now. With so many issues on the table by both the liberal and conservative candidates, I feel that it is a critical time for the youth to understand what is happening.

The article said that most of the young people will not be voting in this election, which is ironic because it will be making history. Not only is the race extremely close, there are issues such funding higher education, creating jobs and healthcare on the line.

I would think that people would care about the rest of their lives.

As a young journalist, I think it is extremely important that the television networks, newspapers, blogs and social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram and Tumblr, get the word out about the importance of exercising everyone’s right to vote as citizens of the U.S.

This generation is always stating that they want to be taken seriously, but how can we expect that if we don’t care about issues that impact our lives as individuals and a society at large.

If this  article proves itself to be correct on Election Day, it will only strengthen the idea that the youth shouldn’t be taken seriously.

Students and other young people have a few days to prove this study wrong. Go out and vote.

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