Run out of ideas? There’s an app for that


As a joint degree student from the law school, the first lesson I learned when I joined the communication school was that the kind of writing journalists do is completely different from the writing lawyers do. Among other things, a journalist must learn to find the new “angle” for stories and this requires a certain amount of creativity. The advice I was given was to practice, practice, practice.

But how to practice?

Writing Prompts, an app, can help those of us wanting to keep our creative writing brains active. For just under $2 anyone can purchase this app in either their iPhone app store or their android “Google Play.”

As the name implies, the app provides prompts, that should inspire users to “go from there.” For example, the app might provide a place, character, and mood for the writer to expand on.

Another option is for the app to provide the writer with a headline to expand on. Even more options exist. Check out Google Play for even more screenshots.

All in all, the reviews are favorable and the app was created by a company that claims to be in business for more than 10 years.

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