Sports for the athletically disinterested


Sports are boring and a waste of time.

Admittedly, many people don’t feel this way. In the opinion of the American public at large, sports are a perfectly interesting and entertaining way to spend a day, whether one is watching or playing.

But for the rest of us, these games hold little to no interest. Personally, I see most sports as a bunch of large men in tight pants chasing one another around a field or court trying to steal a ball and move it into some kind of scoring zone. Why so many people find this to be a profound metaphor for life, I have no idea.

While those of us disinterested in the world of sport are often free to not pursue these endeavors, that isn’t always the case. Aspiring reporters might be assigned to a sports desk despite zero enthusiasm for the position. Still other people find themselves with no one they can talk to about anything other than sports.

What options do these people have?

The Internet can be a useful tool in deciphering the world of sports for an outsider. As the major media outlet regarding sports, should be the first stop for the sports illiterate. Although most of the information on the site will be indecipherable to a first-timer, the highlights of the day can be gleaned rather quickly without any real issues.

But for the not-so-avid sportsman looking to understand what all the sweating is about, there are few other sites more suited to that purpose than The entire purpose of the website is to make sports accessible to people who haven’t followed them for their entire lives. The site explains each and every major sport in simple terms that can be understood by anyone, complete with a glossary of terminology and definitions specific to each game.

While I doubt that I’ll ever be a fan of any sport that isn’t boxing or hockey, I can at least understand what everyone else is talking about, even if I don’t know why.

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