Dipity offers free digital timeline tools for stories


As I’m working on my journalism career, I’m learning that, in order to write a story, I have to keep my reader engage and interested in what I’m talking about. Photos, videos and graphs are a great way to illustrate the story in a better way. As I was browsing the Web, I came across Dipity with a very interesting approach to enhance a story.

Screen Shot of Dipity timeline.

Dipity is a free digital timeline website that organizes the Web’s content by date and time. The website allows users to interact through a forum by sharing, embedding and collaborating visually on any content on the Internet and create a timeline on any topic the user wants.

Dipity also allows padding a timeline. It’s easy because the timeline can be embedded anywhere HTML is allowed and users can see his or her page gain popularity. According to the website users spend twice as much time on websites with timeline embedded from Dipity than those without.

Signing up for Dipity is easy and quick by entering first and last name, username, password and e-mail or just by signing in with his or her Facebook account. The free Dipity plan offers three timelines, 150 events, 5 KB per month of embedded pageviews, 50 MB of uploaded space and standard design and branding.

Dipity also offers Dipity Premium, which includes four plans that vary by price and level of usage. There is a 20 percent discount given to the user who subscribes for a year. The 20 percent discount is also given to students and Non-Profits on the Prime, Pro and Plus plans.

Dipity has been used by news organizations such as the Washington Post, Seattle Times, Guardian UK and Chicago Sun Times.

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