Election night broke social media records


My last blog post focused on how much social media has grown and become such a powerful factor in our everyday lives by using Hurricane Sandy as an example.

This fact is once again seen with this week’s leading story, President Obama’s re-election. His tweet, “four more years” with a picture of him and the First Lady embracing on the campaign trail, was re-tweeted almost 800,000 times in 24 hours and this made it the most shared tweet ever.

On Facebook, the picture became the most liked ever with now more than 3.5 million likes. It was also a big night for news sites.

Fox News broke their number of unique visits at 28 million that night, the highest in their 16 years online. This is a 95 percent increase since 2008. Imagine how many more visits there will be in 2016 with this pattern. CNN also broke their record with 23 million unique visitors and 203 million views, the majority from the Politics and Digital Election Center section.

Chances are that each year will bring new records, specifically election years. Social media has not only given people a chance to share their points of views with the community, but it has also given them more gateways into developing their points of views. With Facebook and Twitter, even if someone is using it purely for social reasons, it’s impossible to not come across significant news stories.

Since we are so much more exposed to the news and we don’t even have to go out of our way to stay updated, it’s only natural that people will become more engaged in latest events. This election brought the most tweets about a political event ever, at 31 million tweets total and it reached 327,452 per minute. Because of this ongoing growth, I don’t doubt that election years will continue to break records.

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