Alternative press less affected by print sales decline


In an era of declining newspaper circulation, one of the areas that has not been as heavily affected is the alternative press such as The Village Voice in New York and the Miami New Times in Miami.

One of the main reasons these papers have been less affected by the decline of print is because many of them are free; there are no people cancelling subscriptions. However, another reason why the papers continue to excel is because of their online material.

The alternative press papers that are dropped off at various locations for free distribution rely solely on advertising revenue to make a profit. Advertisers have continued to flock to the alternative press papers as they look for ways to reach local consumers.

In fact, according to Chuck Strouse, editor of the Miami New Times, his newspaper circulation was virtually unaffected by the decline in print until a boycott caused by the controversy.

But advertisers are not just going to the print version of alternative press newspapers: they are also looking to get in the online versions. Lots of graphics and large typefaces help the alternative press websites stand out from other news websites. They cover less hard news stories, but publish in-depth features on a wide range of topics such as music, restaurants and arts.

In addition, these alternative press websites have a number of blogs that are frequently updated. This constantly gives readers new material and allows for alternative press websites to gain more viewers and appeal to more advertisers.

For example,  there are six featured stories at the top of the home page of the Miami New Times, but below that is a stream of stories that is constantly updated. On Friday, Nov. 9, there were 19 stories posted in this section. The abundance and emphasis on new stories help bring more viewers to the site and allow the publication to stay profitable.

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