SkewedNewsTutor helps viewers identify bias in the news


“Six of 10 Americans believe that news reporting is biased.”

This statistic, from a Gallup poll, is the reason that Colleen Bradford Krantz created SkewedNewsTutor.

The objective of the newly launched site is to target young people and teach them how to view the news more critically. Krantz believes that kids, from middle school to college age, are not able to spot the bias that has become so common in contemporary news. The site operates mainly through videos, showing stories in the news with added pop-ups to explain to the viewers how the story has been skewed.

The videos posted contain three versions of the same news story done by the site. The first is a centered version of the story, which is followed by two versions of the story that are deliberately skewed. The pop-ups then point out the ways in which the story has had bias inserted into it. The bias could be shown in many different ways, from the removal of a word or two, to the addition of ominous music.

The site also contains helpful tools for aspiring journalists. One of the pages outlines a journalism bias sheet, with questions to be answered by journalists before covering a story to make sure they do not end up inserting their bias into their final product. The questions are designed to help reporters overcome personal or outside influences in order to reach a centered conclusion.

According to Bernard Sanders, contributor to FoxNews, we live in the “United States of Entertainment.” The news, as of lately, has had a main goal of achieving high ratings at all costs rather than creating an informed electorate. As a result, our country has become more polarized and less educated on the issues. Sites like SkewedNewsTutor and journalists like Colleen Bradford Krantz create a hope for the future that when the next generation views the news they will watch in search of a centered approach. This generation will gain the knowledge that they have the ability to come to the correct conclusion on their own, rather than relying on their news source to skew the story in one direction or the other.

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