CareZone offers health-related social media site


Social media have officially taken over and everyone seems to be aware of this. Social media should be about just connecting with loved ones and friends from the past and seeing what your friends are up too, but is has become less and less safe and a major security issue.

Social media, especially Facebook is now about sharing more and more information with more and more people you don’t know. But many users feel that this is an invasion of personally information and space. Close personal information like about your health, kids and money should be kept safe, and there is a now a new website for that.

This new social site comes from a well-known name in the technology world and is one all should try. CareZone, a new site created and cofounded  by Jonathan Schwartz, the former chief executive of Sun Microsystems, is a service that enables families to organize care of their loved ones. It provides secure storage of patient information like medical records and prescriptions, which could very much come in handy. CareZone also provides critical phone numbers and digitized documents associated with care, like insurance information for example.

There is also a journal feature offered on the CareZone site that journalists can use to their advantage. The journal feature allows you to take notes on anything you may need to remember like future appointments or groceries to pick up at the store. Or, for journalists, this can be used to keep track of deadlines, write down story ideas or breaking news events as they are witnessed.

The main idea of this site is not to keep in touch with friends but more to keep in touch with your own health or one of your families health issues. It can be used to take care of somebody else in need and is a safe place to hold important information like doctors notes, medications and other medical care.

This site is definitely more serious than Facebook or Twitter and may attract a more mature crowd that will sooner than later have to deal with this issues. CareZone was created for health and other issues that one would want to keep more private and not have the whole world see.

This service is also fairly new. It was introduced last Feburary, so it hasn’t even been open for the public for a full year yet. Schwartz says the site is steadily growing and has had many positive responses to it.

On Tuesday, Schwartz added voice broadcast and calender features to make the site more functional and accessible to larger groups of people.

Starting January 1, 2013, the main application fee for the site will cost $5 a month or $49 a year to use CareZone for five to 10 people. But right now it is free, so go try this social media/health site out soon!

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