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As someone who has always had an interest in design, but never had the natural eye for it, I enjoy reading about and mulling over magazine and newspaper designs. While I have heard many people say “there’s only so much you can do,” I’ve seen creative magazine layouts, cover designs and even some interesting newspaper layouts.

One site I love is, which is actually a blog started by Mark Frieson, who is a news designer at The Oregonian in Portland. Frieson has worked for The Ledger in Lakeland, Fla., the Columbia-Missourian and the Gazette-Times in Corvallis, Ore.  Frieson uses his site to post clips of the day’s front pages of various newspapers and comment on newspaper spreads globally.

The Society of Publication Designers’s website is also a great place to look at old designs, and contest winners. It’s a way to spark creativity and to learn about what makes a good design. You can look at professional and student work. There is also a student page where they provide links to interesting news, how-to sites, and even listings for jobs and internships.

College Front Page is also a site I enjoy looking at to see what other Universities are doing.  While the site itself doesn’t display  grand design, there are about 264 university layouts to look at. You can scan the cover design and the sports page and even enter into monthly contests to see where your school paper ranks among those listed on the site and also receive critiques from professionals.

While these three sites are only a tiny piece of what the design world has to offer, they are definitely worth a look if you’re just starting out as a designer, or like me, just interested in it.

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