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Oftentimes, writing intriguing, well-researched news stories can require significant investments in time and energy. Between developing ideas, performing research, interviewing sources and, finally, crafting and editing copy — preparing excellent stories is not always a simple task. But with advent of online periodicals and other forms of online newspaper archives, it is safe to say that some aspects of reporting are indeed becoming easier, such as performing research, for example.

Although I have not been able to find a free, online resource for all newspaper archives, I have indeed discovered a website that allows its Internet users to connect to any newspaper’s online edition in seconds. Perhaps its most impressive feature, provides members of the online community with access to international newspapers in addition to local, American ones.

In order to better organize their extensive selection of newspapers, divides its collection into six sections, North American/Caribbean, Africa, South/Central America, Asia/Middle East, Europe and Australasia Oceana.

Newspapers from the United States are listed by state and include everything from larger, more popular papers such as The New York Times to smaller, more unique periodicals such as the Florida Jewish News.

So if you find yourself stuck researching ideas for your next story, take a peek at Who knows? You just might find the story you need.

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