Multimedia possibilities seem endless


Since the news industry has recreated its suffering business model, journalists in 2010 must reconstruct their skills to adapt to online media. As we all know, today’s journalists need to have multimedia, programming, social media, and business skills to tell their stories on the Internet.

We must know how to create a multimedia experience for our readers through video, graphics, audio and photos. There are numerous resources out there for journalists to learn these skills, and many of these skills can be self-taught.

As journalists of tomorrow, we must frequently take a look at the different kinds of multimedia floating out there on the Web, and notice the unique ways of how stories and information are presented.

Last year in my News Reporting & Writing (CNJ 216) class, we had to present various multimedia links to the class each week. There is one site in particular I visited a lot to get my multimedia links. Take a look at Interactive Narratives.

Sponsored by the Online News Association, Interactive Narratives was created “to capture the best of line visual storytelling as practiced by online and print journalists from around the country and the world.” The Web site always puts rich-media content in the spotlight. Also, keep in mind you can find links through its date, category and rankings.

The design and use of multimedia for some of these stories are absolutely amazing. There is always an interesting link on Interactive Narratives that catches my eye. Be sure to take a look at this Web site for inspirational multimedia. The possibilities for multimedia are endless.

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