Online journalism expertise in 10,000 Words (or less)


The site 10,000 Words ( is a site full of information merging journalism and technology. While very basic, the site has multiple posts related to getting the most out of technology in a journalistic vein. The site is set up like a blog with all the posts presented on the same home page. To navigate the site, one can either scroll down through the story or use the search box in the upper right hand corner to find posts regarding a specific subject.

So, for this example we type “soccer.” The search will take you to a search sponsored by Google that lists all 10,000 Words posts that include the word “soccer.” This includes articles on how to finds scores, how to write online articles, and the new fan based journalism found online.

Some of the articles are not exactly relevant to the subject but are still useful in more technical terms. A specific article on the list explains to the writer how to use RSS. This specific post shows you how to use RSS and includes links at the bottom on how to better use and understand the program.

The site is also useful in this aspect. They provide access to other great journalistic sites like Online Journalism Blog (  and Media Shift ( These sites are involved with this new wave of online journalism and are just as useful as 10,000 Words with more specific articles that are usually a lot more reputable than the pieces found on 10,000 Words.

The site can be a bit overwhelming in that there is so much information available. It’s a great way to waste time on the Web while learning important information about the field of online journalism, but it isn’t necessarily advisable if looking for very specific information as the search tool is not very refined and you may be continuously redirected with links.

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