Google ‘New’ helps users keep track of updates


Google News, Google Trends and Google Maps are just a few of the tools provided by the company that seems to be taking over the internet. We spoke about some of these in class in detail, but it looks like Google has no intention of slowing down their growth. Recently, Google released Google New, a way to keep up with all the corporation has to offer. With it, Google users can get updates on the latest Google launches and products. Google New is just another example of how pervasive Google has become.

Some of the updates that Google New has been talking about lately is its new instant search results and elevation tools on Google Maps. It breaks down the newest features by the subjects Earth and Maps, Webmaster, AdWords, Search, Docs, AdSense, and Mobile. You can also look at updates by flipping through the Google New pages and you can narrow down the content by choosing your area of interest and looking at all the recent updates in that area. You can also sort updates by apps, books, Gmail, Talk, YouTube and more.

As journalists, it is our job to be in tune with the newest updates and fads and Google New is a great way to keep up. Google is ever-changing and ever-growing and with all of its branches it’s not easy to be versed in all of them. I think it is great that Google has recognized that they contain massive amounts of information and there needed to be a way to navigate through what’s New.

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