The new and improved Twitter


Every social media site is looking to upgrade to become more effective at delivering content and allowing users to share information easier than ever before. Twitter has undergone recent major upgrades to the format of its site so that general users and journalists alike can now navigate the page easier than ever before. Here are some of the new features:


The upgraded Twitter now has tabs at the top of the site that allow users to see information such as mentions, re-tweets and lists that users set up. Also included is a Searches tab that allows users to search for a certain topic or person and then save the search for later access. If there is a particular topic that a journalist might constantly need information about, the saved search will show up under this tab and save the time of having to re-type the query every time the information is needed.


One of the most helpful aspects that Twitter has added is the ability to view attached content without leaving the site.  If a user uploads a video or a link to a picture, users can now view the item without having to navigate to an outside site.

Related Information

Now when users read a tweet, they can see all sorts of related information about the content of the tweet as well as the user, such as other tweets from that location, re-tweets of the original tweet and other tweets by that user

Mini Profiles

One of the themes of this website transformation is making it so users do not have to leave the page they are on to access information. If you are on the profile of someone, or searching a trending topic, you can scroll over a particular user and see a mini profile for that user that pops up as a mini window, making it so you can see all necessary information for that user without getting off of your search page.

The upgrade is optional right now as users get accustomed to the differences, but over the next few weeks, this change will apply to all users.

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