Movie review research made easier


Writing movie reviews seems like an ideal job. Reviewers are paid simply to watch films that they would have seen anyway and write about them, telling everyone their opinion.

That’s all there is to it, right?

Not necessarily. Some of the best movie reviewers are educated at film schools, identifying nuances of the performance and craft beyond anything the layman would notice. But this doesn’t mean that rank-and-file reporters can’t delve into the field, with a few tools on the Internet.

The Internet is full of websites that offer critical views of experts and the public’s opinion of movies, both new and old. One of the foremost of these sites is Rotten Tomatoes, whose critical ratings are often quoted when asked how well a film is doing. This website allows users to see what rating a film has based on user-generated statistics. While this isn’t the most scientific evidence, it allows reviewers to get a general idea of what people think of a movie before they go see it and, perhaps, review it.

When looking for factual information on everything about movies, the first stop online should always the Internet Movie Database. IMDB provides everything from gross earnings of a film to memorable quotes and references to and in other movies. This site is perfect for last-minute information that a journalist might need when finishing up a review.

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