iheartradio.com offers endless benefits


Whether you’re a beat reporter covering the music industry, a student studying communication or simply a radio connoisseur, the benefits of iheartradio.com are seemingly endless.

iheartradio.com provides its users with instant access to more than 750 local and national radio stations in one, easy-to-use Internet portal. First, click on the “Listen to 750+ Stations” text at the top of the page and iheartradio.com’s custom player appears immediately. From there, you can choose search for local stations by either entering your zip code or your city into the search field in the upper left corner of the page. In seconds, a list of your local radio stations formulates before your eyes.

Simply click on your station of choice and music (or, sometimes, commercials) begin to stream live over your computer.

Whether you’re browsing for fun or failed to remember a station’s name, iheartradio.com eliminates the guesswork. By providing a list of the stations’ last three previously played songs by name and artist, you can quickly determine whether or not you chose the correct station.

And although it is indeed convenient to have instant access to your local radio stations, it is also exceedingly useful to have on-the-spot access to radio stations from other cities. For example, if you’re a beat reporter covering the music industry, it could be pertinent to listen to stations from across the country in order follow national trends.

Having the ability to listen to stations from other cities could also be beneficial to those who frequently travel or anyone living in a new city—it is often comforting to listen to your regular station-of-choice.

So the next time you’re using the Internet, add some background music to your browsing. Enjoy iheartradio.com for all of your online radio needs!

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