Polyvore allows for fashion creativity


Interested in becoming a fashion writer, critic, or reporter?

How about discovering the latest fashion trends and creating your own styles? Polyvore is definitely the Web site for you to check out. This site is redefining how people design, share and shop for fashion online.

Founded in 2007, Polyvore is “a community site for online style where users are empowered to discover their style and set trends around the world.” Half of the users are from the United States and the other half are from other countries. This global site is known for its virtual styling tool, which enables users to create distinctive sets. These sets are similar to inspirational boards and digital collages. You can drag clothes and accesories from several famous brands onto your set (you can also see the price of the item!). Once you have designed your set, people are allowed to comment and give suggestions.

Below is a digital collage called “London/Paris” that University of Miami junior Andrea Restrepo created. As you can see, she chose a variety of expensive accessories to create her collage. This set features costly brands such as Yves St. Laurent and Chanel. The blue bag in this picture, also called “Oversized Classic Leather Muse in Multiple Colors,” is worth $1,550.

Brands such as Calvin Klein, Diane Von Furstenberg, Lancome, Net-A-Porter, Gap, and Coach feature their latest clothes, accessories and other products. Not only can you see top fashion products and collections, but you can view celebrity styles. To find specific designs, you can browse by category, occasion and trend.

Another excellent aspect of this Web site is that you can ask for style advice and people will design outfits for you and suggest outfits for you. You can ask questions such as, “What should I wear with this jacket?” to “Are these shoes okay for a concert?”

Even if you’re not interested in fashion, I still recommend for you to visit this Web site and experiment with what it has to offer!

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