NFL statistics — All of them


Need to know who led the league in 1966 for rushing yards (Gale Sayers, 1,231 yards)? Or what about who played in the 1992 NFC Championship game (Cowboys over 49ers, 30 – 20, at San Francisco)?

There might not be a single piece of relevant information that doesn’t have compiled in its massive, yet easy to use and navigate, data bank of all things NFL (or AFL, when it existed).

Almost every player and almost every yearly statistic for every team is represented in this insanely expansive database of knowledge. While it is easy to become overwhelmed with the site through random searching, if you have a specific question that needs to be answered, this is your site.

A rule of thumb, I always come back to in judging online resources is, why would I need to go anywhere else? If you can come up with a good answer in regards to Pro Football Reference, shoot me an e-mail at

If the entire internet were to crash (calm down, it’s only a hypothetical e-pocalypse) and we were left with only physical records of NFL stats, I honestly couldn’t imagine having to sort through all the information by hand. If put on paper, the lists upon lists of statistics and records kept on this website in book-form could probably fill a floor of the stacks at UM’s Richter Library. Sort them however you like, do with them what you will, and be sure you thank God for every time you need to know who finished third in total passing yards in 1987.

It was Dan Marino, with 3,245 yards.

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