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We all use different web browsers on our computers, but one of the most common Web browsers that people use is Foxfire. It is often used as a complement to web browsers that come with computers, and it is the best web browser for creating and updating web pages. Recently, I came across a feature of Firefox that I had not previously known about and wanted to make sure everyone else knew about it. It is called Firefox add-ons.

This is a way to customize your web browser by downloading, what I would call, the equivalent of smart phone applications. These new applications range from the way your page looks to how you organize the way you use the Internet. Often time these new applications that have been downloaded are compatible with the toolbar function on the web browser and can have their own button on the toolbar.

By visiting you can see more than 5,000 free add-ons that can be added to the Foxfire web browser on your computer to make it function in a way that is unique to you. These 5,000 add-ons are organized by categories (i.e., shopping, organizing, web development, privacy, appearance, etc.) and can be searched by most popular, most recent and top rated.

Also, one of the coolest things about this feature is that, much like smart phone applications, these add-ons are made by the users of Firefox, not the developers. There is a spot at the bottom in which it asks if you are interested in making your own add-on. So it simply people who wanted a better way to use the internet.

Some of my favorite add-ons so far are Firebug and Read Later. Firebug is a web developer tool which helps to locate and edit the underlying code that makes a web page. It shows both HTML and CSS format and will tell in what folders or what line to look for the code in order to change it. It takes the stress out searching a 30-page code document for one small change such as the color of the menu bar.

Read Later is a bookmarking application that is added to the toolbar and allows web users to simply click and add to a list of web pages that they want to read later. It will sync up with a smart phone so literally things can be read anywhere, anytime. Also, it will organize the web pages that by tags or date, and it is searchable.

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