Paying for news is growing trend for online newspapers


According to an article from Neon Tommy, the voice of Annenberg Digital News, the Boston Globe will begin charging for most online content starting in late 2011. While the article was short and to the point, it goes to show the desperation that many papers are feeling to create a revenue from their online readership.

In my opinion, this is a catch 22 for many newspapers because right now they are giving a large amount of news away for free, but if they charge they could lose many customers that would rather get their news from the countless free resources available online. A respected paper such as the Boston Globe should have an easier time charging for its content than most other papers simply because of its popularity and its respected writers.

The bigger issue of this story is whether or not people will learn to accept paying for newspaper content online. With the way news is going today, my prediction is that people for the most part will not pay for online news. There are simply too many ways to get the same story, sometimes even in a quicker way than reading an article. Tweets, Facebook statuses and blogs have forever limited the impact of journalists “breaking” a story.

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