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Journalists have been forced to approach their coverage in new ways as technology grows and the Web expands. Sources can be found from distribution lists or social websites, facts can be checked on online databases, and now blogs can provide a great starting point for a lot of stories! We all know that a lot of journalists and broadcasters now-a-days have blogs to get the stuff out there that maybe didn’t make it to print, but there are hundreds of other blogs out there that can be beneficial to journalists both upcoming and professional.

I stumbled upon this simple list of the most useful blogs for journalism and it contains well-known sites along with more obscure ones. Even more helpful is that the blog sites are broken down into categories like general, student and photojournalism among others. It also includes an extensive list of some of the best blogs from professional journalists today for those of us that love to learn from those with more experience.

Some of the blogs on the list I found the most interesting were The Columbia Journalism Review, which promotes a “strong press and strong democracy” and reviews and critiques everything from magazine articles to multimedia projects, and the Institute for Analytic Journalism, which explores unconventional methods of analytic journalism like data visualization and peer to peer file sharing.

There is also a section of student blogs with contributors from NYU and Whitworth University. The most inspiring student blog came from students in the UK at City University. The site’s interface immediately pulled me in and the content was just as alluring.

All in all this list is pretty complete and covers most of the journalism fields students deal with. Blog numbers grow by the minute and putting aside the debate about whether they are “real journalism” or not, they are useful. We have to learn to weed out the bad ones and keep the good ones as our “favorites” though and lists like this one help us to do that. Try it out, you might learn something about journalism you never would have gotten in a classroom!

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