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The ways in which we read and gather news is evolving with the growth of the Internet. Newsrooms are constantly trying to integrate the reader into the process., a fast-growing news community is doing just that by allowing users to connect with others and find news regarding the communities in which they live.

Topix was started as an aggregate news site to bring together news from thousands of sources. The purpose of Topix is for users to engage with other users who are reading about their local community.  While many sites focus on national news, the great thing about Topix is that it is truly active on a local level.

The way that Topix organizes its news is unique.  Every story is read by “artificial intelligence algorithms” that separates each story by the topic.  The stories are then separated again by the zip code the user chooses.  Once this process is complete, Topix offers forums in which every user can comment on the stories and interact with others either in his or her community or elsewhere.

The site boasts of linking news from more than 50,000 sources to its own 360,000 forums. And, if one is looking to discuss a national topic, Topix still offers that option. It truly is a way to connect with people from around the world, discussing topics that are meaningful to you and your community.

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