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I have known that I wanted to be a reporter since I took my first journalism class my freshman year of high school. I was immediately smitten with all aspects of the craft — finding stories, interviewing sources, breaking earth-shattering news. There is a certain romanticism of journalism in American pop culture (I’ll admit, I’ve watched All the President’s Men several times and it never ceases to captivate me).

It wasn’t until I got to college that I realized my dreams of being the next Woodward or Bernstein might not come to fruition. I got tired of hearing the same thing over and over: “Oh, you’re a print journalism major? Isn’t that kind of an unstable field to be going into right now?”

It’s true — the advent of the Internet has compromised the old standards for the dissemination of information. Luckily, journalists have many resources to help them integrate into the online world of news reporting. is a website designed to be, as they put it, “a multi-purpose platform and tool for sharing news, classifieds and listings.” Essentially, it is blogging meets bookmarking meets local information. A newsroom of writers publishes articles and guides covering just about anything.

On Bighow, I discovered an article titled “Bighow Online Journalism Handbook.” This guide is effective in not only assuaging any reservations journalism students may have about their chosen major, but also provides helpful tips on how to effectively publish material online.

With articles ranging from “How to make money using the Internet” to “If news organizations blocked Google this morning: Nothing much will change,” the site is both humorous and helpful when it comes to promoting online journalism. It’s definitely worth a read for any journalist, student or professional.

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