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It’s that time of year again. Since it’s only October, it’s hard to believe that companies are already scouting for interns (or, for those of us who are college seniors and beyond, new employees), but the truth is that many of the most coveted positions in the journalism industry will be filled — or, at least posted — long before we head home for winter break. Instead of sitting at home this summer (or next semester!) wondering what you should’ve done to get ahead of the wave of applications, you should start looking at ed2010.com now!

Ed2010 is a great place to begin your search for  internships and jobs in the print journalism industry. Whether you’re looking to spend the summer in a big city like New York or back home in a small town, Ed2010 has internship postings that could be right for you. While the most popular internship positions are those for big name newspapers and magazines that would require you to be in the office, others are searching for remote interns for up and coming websites.

While the internship and job boards are perhaps the most used features of the site, Ed2010 is also a useful tool for journalists in a number of other ways. The resources tab features a page known as helpful links that can lead you to the pages of dozens and magazines and newspapers, as well as publishers and other necessary tools for journalists. The Unsolicited Advice page is much like this class’s blog, as it features short advice stories for journalists by journalists.

When thinking of journalistic resources on the web, Ed2010 typically wouldn’t come to my mind. Yet, I have found that I am increasingly becoming reliant on the site not only for its job and internship postings, but also for the fun and entertaining advice posts. For anyone hoping to go into print journalism, especially on the magazine track, Ed2010 is a resource with a lot of potential.

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