It’s the season for journalism and politics


With the elections in Miami-Dade County just a few weeks away, political bias among journalists is a hot topic. It is certainly a consistent ethical belief in the world of journalism that a reporter’s political view should be left to his or herself. If a newspaper or a specific writer were to be discredited due to a belief that a writer is not impartial to a story, the field of journalism as a whole is weakened tremendously.

However, in my opinion, it is impossible to be completely impartial to any story. This is part of what makes us human. When comparing the reporting that exists on television versus the reporting in papers and on news sites, it is night and day.

If a viewer tunes in to MSNBC or Fox News, there is a very high chance that the viewer knows what kind of story is going to be reported and what type of person will be doing the reporting. The biases of news stations is not only accepted, it is embraced. What would MSNBC be without left wing liberals? And Fox without conservatives?

In print journalism, for some reason, reporters are expected to hold their opinions in the way they write stories despite the belief that many newspapers carry similar type of partisan biases. Is it really fair to ask print journalists to do something that is not asked of broadcast journalists and TV personalities who are supposedly reporting the news? I do not believe so.

Unless you argue that a newspaper is considered to be so much more reliable then TV news, when they report many of the same stories, I feel that there is a clear double standard.

It is important for readers to feel a connection with a story, whether it is biased by partisan beliefs or not. People will choose to believe what they want and most people enjoy listening, watching, or reading people with similar beliefs on important topics.

I am not suggesting that newspapers should wear the differing opinions of every single writer on its sleeve, however I am suggesting that from time to time it may be alright to allow some opinions in sections other than just the opinion column.

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