Choosing your news sources for all sides of the story


According to my brilliant mother, there are typically three sides to every story: what he said, what she said, and the truth. Within the realm of the journalism, it should be reporter’s utmost responsibility to communicate the truth to their readers, and yet, for whatever reason, it feels as if most news organizations have simply given up — choosing instead to focus their stories on the sensational drivel that oftentimes serves no other purpose than to simply stir emotion and generate fear.

Although some chalk up such issues to changes in our modern-day style of reporting, I cannot help but refer to such alternative styles of writing as something quite different: in essence, sloppy, lazy journalism.

However, as one student studying journalism at the University of Miami cannot single-handedly mandate that all members of the reporting profession step up his or her game, so to speak, I can get creative and at least help myself through such trying journalistic times.

My secret: read different sources. Fervently.

For example, it is nearly impossible for anyone these days to write accurate, unbiased news stories concerning topics such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. So, in order to combat such problems with today’s press, I discovered two websites that help to better establish a more concrete version of he-said / she-said. With a better understanding of each side of the story, it is invariably easier to uncover the actual, factual truth.

Http:// is an Israeli news organization that features excellent articles and editorials by reporters who represent a variety of Israeli perspectives. Both liberal and conservative journalists lend their voices to create a truly multi-faceted look at Israeli / Palestinian News. However, every time I read stories from Ha’aretz, I do so with a grain of salt, as no one, these days, is able to report all-out accuracy. Then, I turn quickly to Ma’an.

Http:// is a Palestinian news organization that also offers perspectives from both liberal and conservation members of the Palestinian community. With offices in both Bethlehem and Gaza, middle-of-the-road individuals and extremists alike create in-depth news stories and editorials pertinent to the Israeli / Palestinian conflict.

It is only after reading what he said and what she said am I able to come to a rational understanding of the truth.


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