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As a journalist, whether I’m researching the latest breaking news for a story or just wondering what’s going on in the world, I find myself at a loss of what newspaper website to look at first. What was once an easy decision between picking up a copy of the Palm Beach Post or The Miami Herald now leaves me searching sites more than actually reading information.

If you suffer from this problem as well, then you might be as excited as I was when I learned about an actual Newseum. Located in Washington D.C., this is a giant museum dedicating its walls to the centuries of news and it’s advancements over time.

So if you’re wondering why I’m writing about this place when I should be telling you about a helpful website, here’s why:

The website you would think just gives you some information on the Newseum and tells you where to buy tickets actually does much more. With one click on “Today’s Front Pages” you can see over 800 front pages from 79 different countries.

I find this to be so useful because although the site only shows you the front page, you can skim all the articles on this page and then decide if you’d like to see more of their articles by going to that news website. You can also view what are ranked by the site as the top ten front pages from that day if you are looking to narrow down your search.

Ever since I have found http://www.newseum.org I noticed I waste less time on finding the news and more time on reading it.

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