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Compiled by Jamie Stephens, posted Feb. 24, 2011

1. Hulu.com/plus — Officially launched for the new price of $7.99/month, Hulu.com Plus claims to “give viewers exclusive access to every episode, all season long, of Glee, Modern Family, House, and dozens of other popular shows — some featuring full series runs — from ABC, Fox, NBC, and more.” Furthermore, Hulu.com Plus allows viewers to watch their favorite prime-time episodes from the convenience of their living rooms to their mobile devices, while on the go. Fans of the original Hulu.com can now stream episodes instantly in HD (720p) to their connected TV, Blu-ray player, iPad, iPhone, and many other devices. Compared to the original Hulu.com, Hulu.com Plus offers all current episodes of 45 popular shows whereas the standard Hulu only offers the last five episodes of current popular shows.

2. Cultureshockmiami.com — This innovation travel resource site allows users, whether Miami natives, visitors or tourists, to discover the diverse and colorful culture of Miami-Dade for an affordable price. Specifically designed for high school and college students on a budget Culture Shock Miami offers dozens of fun and exciting performances and exhibitions in Miami-Dade every week of the year. “Now, you can go, see and enjoy theater, dance, music, art exhibitions and festivals year-round for an affordable price,” (Cultureshockmiami.com). Made possible by the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County Commissioners, the Miami-Dade County Department of Cultural Affairs and the Cultural Affairs Council, The John S. & James L. Knight Foundation, and Ticketmaster; now for just $5, high school and college students (ages 13-22) can experience these incredible Miami, cultural activities.

3. Pandora.com — Pandora’s mission is simply to play music that you love. One of the most popular music filter sites of its kind, Pandora allows music lovers of all genres, ages, backgrounds and styles to enjoy nonstop music (with the occasional 30 second ad) on their home computers, laptops or mobile devices. Music enthusiasts can access their favorite songs and artists through the innovation known as the Music Genome Project. A process where a team of musician-analysts organize music, one song at a time, studying and collecting literally hundreds of musical details on every track – melody, harmony, instrumentation, rhythm, vocals, lyrics, etc. Simply search your favorite music/artist/song and it will quickly scan its entire world of analyzed music, almost a century of popular recordings – new and old, popular/unknown.

4. Rollingstone.com — As a primary entertainment/music journalist, Rollingstone.com’s culture and reviews section serve as a helpful tool and resource for how to write a successful entertainment, review piece.

5. Omg.Yahoo.com — This social media pop culture site serves as Yahoo entertainment’s gossip/news resource for the hottest, trending topics in entertainment, music, and fashion, sports and Hollywood celebrity news.

6. Tvguide.com — This television entertainment site offers television junkies a one-stop guide to current news and directories of the latest and most popular hit shows, movies and celebrities. With a range of convenient applications including Facebook, Twitter, Android, iPhone and iPad, TvGuide.com delivers television news quick and efficiently.

7. Blogflux.com — This informative site of professional bloggers is designed as a digital, resource center to enable bloggers everywhere to successful start and manage their blogs. Blogflux.com allows users to explore and express the blogosphere (as they call it) with a little freedom, a lot of creativity and major guidance along the way.

8. im1music.net (music search engine) — This music search engine allows millions of music listeners to discover, watch and share music videos, songs and albums of all genres, styles and tastes.

9. EW.com (top search engine) — As one of the most dominant entertainment magazines in the U.S market today, EntertainmentWeekly.com allows users to search the most current and newsworthy content in pop-culture music, television, movies, books and celebrity news today.

10. OoVoo.com (top audio/video social media site) — Friendly video chat competitor to the famed Skype, Ovoo.com serves as a newly popular software application which allows users to make voice calls over the Internet. It’s extremely popular and convenient, especially for video conference calls and long distance relationships.

11. (your city).going.com — A convenient resource site for tourists of popular cities like Miami, Atlanta, Chicago, Las Vegas and Honolulu, etc., going.com offers users the latest things to do, places to see and people to meet in whatever destination they plan to go.

12. Billboard.com — What once was simply a music premier publication company, “Billboard’s popular music charts have evolved into the primary source of information on trends and innovation in music, serving music fans, artists, top executives, tour promoters, publishers, radio programmers, lawyers, retailers, digital entrepreneurs and many others” (billboard.com). Billboard.com features a variety of searchable, playable charts, breaking music news, artist interviews and exclusives, news, video, etc., and serves as one of my most convenient sources for entertainment news.

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