Compiled by Abigail L. Garner, posted Sept. 22, 2010

The environment is in the news every day. Politicians to mothers are talking about global warming, emissions, PBA, and organic food. Here are some helpful websites to stay current on the environment, ways that other people are helpings, and ways that you yourself can help.  Some of these are blogs, so it is not just the Sierra Club or PETA trying to change, but real people just like you and me.

1. Planet Green—This web page is part of the Discovery Channel Network. Just like the Discovery Channel there exists a 24-hour eco-lifestyle channel that is from Planet Green. Its web page offers everything from videos, to news, to products that can help you make your life more green.

2. Global Green—Global Green was started by activist Diane Meyer Simon and is a great place to learn about what other organizations are doing to help the environment. It is driven more by news content than by lifestyle tips. It also has suggestions for how you can get involved from jobs to internships.

3. The Green Guide—The Green Guide is a helpful lifestyle site that gives tips about how to make your life more environmentally friendly and it is part of the National Geographic family.  This is one of the more user-friendly websites, so it is a great place for an person who does not know a lot about being green to get information.

4. InHabitat—This webpage proves that becoming environmentally friendly does not have to deplete the amount of luxurious or aesthetically pleasing products in your life. InHabitat is a weblog dedicated to keeping people informed about anything in design that is also helping the environment. From architecture to clothes, this website keeps being environmentally friendly cool.

5. Tree Hugger—This is the sister website to PlanetGreen, and is an endless source of information and news about the environment. There is also a take action section that helps anybody make their life a little greener.

6. No Impact Man—Who is No Impact Man? This real life super hero is Colin Beaven. For those of you who have not heard of him, he documented, in a film by the same name, a year in which his family worked toward having absolutely no impact on the environment. They bought only local food, biked everywhere, and did not use any electricity. This is extreme, but his story has inspired many to make less of an impact on the environment. His blog chronicles his life, and the efforts of others to leave less of a carbon footprint.

7. Green Living—One of the easiest ways to be environmentally friendly is to buy environmentally friendly products. This way, things you would have bought anyway have less of an impact on the environment. Green Living is a shopping web page that has tons of products for decorating your home and even maintaining your pets.

8. Green House—Green House is another web page dedicated to shoppers who want to stay environmentally friendly.  GreenHouse is actually a store located in New York, but luckily it is located online as well and the site takes all the work out of finding well-made, earth friendly products.

9. Going Green—This blog makes it hard to make excuses. There are posts about how to, well, go green. Besides friendly tips, it can also be found on your favorite social media such as Twitter or Facebook.

10. Go Green Initiative –The Go Green Initiative is just that. A multimedia initiative to help children and educators become more environmentally friendly and aware. Through multiple languages, video, and news posts this web page attempts to reach people all over the planet. Because it is the planet they are trying to save.

11. Green Business –This is another blog that is dedicated to keeping things green. But this blog is different because it is not so much focused on the individual, as it is businesses and their responsibility to maintain environmentally friendly practices. From recycling to lowering emissions, businesses have to do their part as well.

12. Environment News Service –This daily newswire presents news about the environment from all over the world. It is strictly news so it is a good way to avoid the helpful tips that many green websites have for individuals. If you are looking for an unbiased and straight approach to the environment, this newswire has it.

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