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Seven laws of journalism we should know…

By RACHEL JANOSEC I was searching across the Internet for recent news on journalism and journalists and came upon an article about the laws of journalism and found it very interesting. The article discussed seven laws that journalists must know … Continue reading

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Learning how to properly use the Internet

Before August, I mainly used the Internet for entertainment. I would spend hours on Tumblr, browse through my news feed on Facebook, and update my followers on Twitter about my whereabouts. Although I still waste time on social media, over … Continue reading

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Law enforcement an exception to public records openness

By ELIZABETH DE ARMAS For my latest assignment in News Reporting and the Internet, I picked a candidate for local office and checked his background through a list of online resources and databases. At first I thought to myself, “This … Continue reading

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Public records: An invaluable source of information

By  CONNIE FOSSI It is a mistake for journalists to underestimate the information they can acquire from the government public records, especially in the Miami-Dade County Clerk website (http://www2.miami-dadeclerk.com), where you only need a full name and a date of … Continue reading

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Zillow.com: The world of real estate data

By CONNIE FOSSI If you think that Zillow.com is only for realtors or future buyers, you are wrong. Real estate issues can be part or even lead news stories and therefore it is important for journalists to be aware of … Continue reading

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FEC Web site helps journalists track campaign contributions

By BOLTON LANCASTER As the presidential election is nearing, there are a plethora of journalism stories focusing on the candidates and their campaigns. The presidential trail costs millions of dollars to travel down and it is often essential to find … Continue reading

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BuzzData at the forefront of open source data journalism

By NICHOLAS MOORE As election season is in full swing, journalists are spending much of their time following the presidential candidates and fact-checking anything and everything they say. This type of work can definitely land a reporter in front of … Continue reading

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Google Refine 2.0: Making databases easier to read

By DANIELA RODRIGUEZ As journalists, going through databases with what seems like an endless amount of data, can be overwhelming. Databases offered by the U.S. Census or the FBI can also be very confusing to understand at first. Instead of … Continue reading

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Journalist’s toolbox, a hidden SPJ treasure

By ELIZABETH DE ARMAS There have been many times when I have wondered why there is no “database” for journalists. When I have been struggling thinking of questions to ask before an interview or on deadline but experiencing writer’s block, … Continue reading

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U.S. News & World Report offers wide range of rankings

By BOLTON LANCASTER People have to make decisions, and people always want the best. What is the best school to graduate from? Where is the best hospital to be treated at? Unfortunately, these questions can be difficult to answer without … Continue reading

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UN databases: Easy access to issues affecting our world

By CONNIE FOSSI The Web site address is http://www.un.org/en/databases/. From information about the organization to detailed reports, the United Nations’ databases website offers to its users a wide range of possibilities to find factual and unique data about the UN … Continue reading

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NewsBank: Full-text resource goldmine

By JAMIE N. STEPHENS As one of the world’s premier information providers for more than 35 years, NewsBank, Inc. offers students, publishers, researchers, military personnel and professionals of all background access to the top Web-based research products in the world. … Continue reading

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Have no fear, Google’s Person Finder is here

By SHARON FRAJLICH After the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti, Google, the mega search-engine we all know and love, created the Person Finder with the U.S. Department of State. Now Person Finder is being used to help victims of the … Continue reading

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Zillow: The online Realtor

By JOE CERVONE Searching for a new home? The up and coming online real estate database Zillow allows visitors to search homes from the comfort of their computers. Created by former Microsoft executives Richard Barton and Lloyd Frink, Zillow runs … Continue reading

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