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Media Matters for America analyzes news media’s claims

By NICKY DIAZ During this year’s debates, political conventions and speeches, there are bound to be a few questionable “facts” thrown out there by both parties. So how are journalists and their audiences supposed to distinguish the facts from the … Continue reading

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UN databases: Easy access to issues affecting our world

By CONNIE FOSSI The Web site address is http://www.un.org/en/databases/. From information about the organization to detailed reports, the United Nations’ databases website offers to its users a wide range of possibilities to find factual and unique data about the UN … Continue reading

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Pew Center provides poll information for election season

By BOLTON LANCASTER Public opinion polls seem to receive the most national attention when the country is preparing for or in the midst of a presidential election, and the lead-up to November 2012 is no exception. The Pew Research Center … Continue reading

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Denial of service only one of many Anonymous tactics

By MELISSA CASTILLO I was skimming through old blog posts and this particular one about the “hacktivist” group, Anonymous, was particularly interesting. It shows how much social media and the cyber world has grown. People are no longer just flooding … Continue reading

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Obama’s 2012 campaign begins with YouTube

By SHARON FRAJLICH Starting off his campaign for re-election in 2012, President Obama seeks support in the same way he gained it in 2008: by using technology and social media. On Monday, the president announced his intention to seek another … Continue reading

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Have no fear, Google’s Person Finder is here

By SHARON FRAJLICH After the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti, Google, the mega search-engine we all know and love, created the Person Finder with the U.S. Department of State. Now Person Finder is being used to help victims of the … Continue reading

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California court rules free Internet porn legal

By MARISA HIVNER Oh, February, the month of love; it’s the time of the year where girls just want to be romanced and boys are thinking about what’s in their pants. And on that inappropriate note, let’s talk about a … Continue reading

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Peak into the past with Critical Past

By SHARON FRAJLICH Want to see those five seconds of your grandfather in a World War II video? Or maybe check out some Great Depression footage for a research paper? Well with Critical Past you can dig up all kinds … Continue reading

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Keep an eye on members of Congress

By SHARON FRAJLICH Launched in 2009, Legistalker keeps track of what members of Congress are saying and doing in real-time. Though the name of the site may make it seem a bit creepier than it is, Legistalker is the ideal, … Continue reading

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The unsocial network

By JOE CERVONE The Facebook and Twitter accounts of Egyptian citizens were silenced Thursday, Jan. 27, when President Hosni Mubarak shut down Internet communication within the country. The act was an attempt to stop protesters who were using social media … Continue reading

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C-SPAN: Political resources online

By DEBORA RUBI The C-SPAN site (http://www.c-span.org/) has many resources important for news reporters covering the political processes of the United States. The site’s main function is to stream the sessions of the U.S. Congress, as the Senate and House … Continue reading

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Should Times have blown cover on anti-terror operation?

By REBECCA LATTANZIO Any journalist or aspiring journalist out there would argue that the public has a “right to know.” Ideally, it is what drives the journalism profession. This sense of duty to keep the public informed and act as … Continue reading

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Free online reports, tools are valuable geography resources

By IKU KAWACHI To many journalists, human geography may seem like a discipline that has little bearing on the stories that they churn out on a day-to-day basis. But reporting on global issues such as urbanization, poverty, water scarcity and … Continue reading

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Salon.com’s ‘War Room Hack Thirty’

By SARAH HARTNIG Have you ever wondered what journalists think of other journalists? In an interesting, timely story from http://salon.com, Alex Pareene provides members of the online community with a witty, satirical list of his least favorite political commentators, newspaper … Continue reading

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