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Is there a future for Wikipedia in journalism?

Throughout my academic and professional career, information gathering has been a critical part of everything I do. As students, we’re often told early on in any assignment that Wikipedia is not considered a valid source. As journalists, citing Wikipedia is … Continue reading

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The Internet’s resources on one page (the Google version)

By DEBORA RUBI iTools, much like the reporter desktop profiled in another blog entry earlier this fall, provides access to many of the Internet tools on easily navigated page. The page beings with the most basic of functions through a … Continue reading

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Law for dummies: A necessary source for journalists

By ALEX FRUIN Whether you’re covering a murder case, a Ponzi scheme, or even a seemingly simple town hall meeting, if you’re a journalist, you’re going to come in contact with the law. Though a number of courses that deal … Continue reading

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Journalists can find language learning help online

By ALEXANDER B. PEARCE The cliché of calling the United States a melting pot is still relevant today, especially in terms of language. Roughly 82 percent of the population claims English as their mother tongue, while the rest of the … Continue reading

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Expert sources are closer than you think

By DAVID FURONES Many aspiring University of Miami journalists find the hunt for experts on a particular subject to be a never-ending struggle, but the fact of the matter is, mostly all the experts a student journalist needs to interview for … Continue reading

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With BLS Web site, American economics just got easier

By ALEX FRUIN Ec·o·nom·ics — noun: one of the only words in the English language that makes more journalism students shudder than the word “mathematics.” At some point or another, almost every journalism student has been guilty of saying “But … Continue reading

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Online research tools help investigative journalism

By DAVID FURONES Journalists are sometimes perceived as professionals in the field of stalking. Politicians, celebrities, athletes, etc. all despise us for our annoying nature and persistence in gathering the information we need for our stories. We have an uncanny … Continue reading

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Choosing your news sources for all sides of the story

By SARAH HARTNIG According to my brilliant mother, there are typically three sides to every story: what he said, what she said, and the truth. Within the realm of the journalism, it should be reporter’s utmost responsibility to communicate the … Continue reading

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Getting databases from reliable sources

By KYLI SINGH Since our CNJ515 class is currently working with databases, I think it’s appropriate to point out some important Web sites that provide us with data and statistics. Databases help organize our overwhelming amount of information.  We can … Continue reading

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Foursquare can be a useful journalism tool

By ALEX BRYANT To many, it may sound like just one more social media site that allows a person to reveal way too much information about themselves, but Foursquare can actually be a good journalistic tool if the time is … Continue reading

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Newsletters and staying informed

By ABIGAIL L. GARNER When I came to the University of Miami, all I knew about this town was that it had a lot of Cuban influences, beautiful weather and professional sports teams. I did not know where was cool … Continue reading

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