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Google Analytics provides statistics on website visits

By BOLTON LANCASTER While print circulations decline, online publications are becoming more important to news companies and independents journalists. Advertisements have allowed different journalistic sites to make a profit based on the number of people who visit the site. However, … Continue reading

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There are no promises when you go digital

By SAIRA SUMBAL What does a business model look like for a company with more than 800 digital and print products in 18 states serving 57 million customers per month? In April, I gave a presentation on a news company … Continue reading

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‘Skimm’ the news and have fun at same time

By EMMA REYES As a journalist, I have learned that time is of the essence and, when it comes to getting the latest on breaking news and current events, reading all the news is time consuming. So, for me, finding … Continue reading

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Seven laws of journalism we should know…

By RACHEL JANOSEC I was searching across the Internet for recent news on journalism and journalists and came upon an article about the laws of journalism and found it very interesting. The article discussed seven laws that journalists must know … Continue reading

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