Useful reporting tool during elections


Also known as the “fact tank,” Pew Research and its Web site,, has become a great source of information for journalists and voters to get their facts straight, especially during election time.

This non-partisan web site provides multiple reports, polls, and surveys prepared on diverse issues debated in the presidential campaign including health care reform, economy, domestic policy, immigration, and religion.

In its statistics section, the “Daily Number,” users can get updated information about new voting trends, something that it is extremely helpful to understand changes in public opinion and candidates’ agenda.

In this year, Pew prepared a special section called “Election 2012,” in which the web site’s visitors can review different publications and surveys along with a straight-forward political analysis.

This section also gives the users the opportunity to test their knowledge about the candidates, the campaign and the elections by taking the “Political Party Quiz,” a questionnaire that helps users to identify their position in the political spectrum and to measure their level of involvement.

Pew also recognizes that media coverage is essential during a presidential campaign and therefore it has dedicated an entire section to evaluate how mainstream media has approach each candidate, not only during this election but also in previous ones. For instance, “The Master Character Narratives in Campaign,” a recent report prepared by the center, revealed that the contenders of this election has been portrayed more negative than previous candidates in recent elections.

The good thing about “Pew” is that its reports are accompanied by links that provide users with additional information about the issues discussed; something that makes this website not only useful but also complete.

For all of the journalists and visitors who are not convinced about the reports presented in the website, they can check the questions asked, the datasets and even the methodology used to do each report.

If you want to get the “numbers, facts and trends” of this election, PewResearch is the right place for you.

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