MSN Finance: Money, tips, cars, and more


If you think that the economy is a boring subject, MSN Finance ( will prove you wrong. From tips about your career to interesting “how to save money” blogs, this Microsoft-owned website offers to users a variety of useful advices about investing, real state, automobiles, taxes, and jobs.

The homepage provides detailed information of the state of American and international markets as well as the latest news about your favorite products and the economy including job creation, oil production, and bank shares.

MSN Finance is a real manual for consumers, which guides them to be smart shoppers, good investors, and successful professionals.

Its blogs are creative, unique, and easy to read. You can learn how to get the best deal when buying a car, how to rent with a low credit and even how to afford nice things for less.

One of the most complete sections of this site is “Real Estate,” where you can find your “dream home” based on your income, city and interests. The same provides numerous options to get more information about foreclosures, home owning, and renting.

If you are having trouble filing your income tax, it is the time to check the “Taxes section,” where MSN Finance provides detailed information about preparing, filing and getting your funds avoiding common mistakes and getting the fair amount.

Loans are another big part of MSN Finance and therefore it provides a clear description of home, credit card, autos, and mortgage rates, helping you to decide the best time to loan money.

Finally and most importantly, MSN Finance is a great jobs’ guide. It does not only provide a list with all the jobs available according to your location and area of interest, it also prepares you to get the job by helping you with your resume and job interview.

MSN Finance is a master and interactive websites that will help you to make smart decisions with your money, find the job of your dreams, be informed about the economy and make better investments.

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