Zillow.com: The world of real estate data


If you think that Zillow.com is only for realtors or future buyers, you are wrong.

Real estate issues can be part or even lead news stories and therefore it is important for journalists to be aware of the resources to get information about the price, transactions and location of a property.

By only entering the owner’s name or the address, Zillow.com will provide key information about the property and the neighborhood where it is located, including the legal description, the folio number, previous sales and the estimated value.

This information can be useful to conduct a more thorough investigation in the government public records about the owners or any legal case related to the property as well as any commercial transaction involving same.

In addition, the website offers a detailed description of the property including the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking spots as well as the construction year along with remodeling information.

Zillow.com also provides an updated satellite and photo view of the property and the neighborhood with a 360 degree angle, which could be very useful at the moment of writing a description of the property.

One of the most useful aspects of  Zillow is that users can check the current and previous market value of the property as well as an approximate monthly rent rate and taxes to pay, which can be useful to analyze how the home market is affecting the property’s value.

If you are interested on buying, selling or doing some news reporting about a property, Zillow.com is the right place for you.

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