Investigative journalism: A democracy’s demand


The high operating costs, need for return on investment, and other demands of news organizations has put one of the most valuable elements of journalism, investigative reporting, at serious risk.

However, hundreds of news professionals and news organizations have decided to change this and rescue one of the elements that make journalism a unique profession.

One of them is the Florida Center for Investigative Reporting, a non-profit journalism organization whose main goal is to uncover corruption and to denounce the injustices of the our political, social, educational, economic and other systems.

This coalition of journalists and the quality of their work are a useful source of information, a great example of the good use of rare resources, a starting point for an investigation and also a sort of inspiration for the news professionals who still believe in the value of investigative journalism, especially for the survival of democracy.

The official website of this organization offers an online place where people can acquire unique reports with a great deal of data and analysis, stories that are not reported by the majority of news organizations and a wide coverage of issues involving economy, education, environment and government management.

The idea of this organization is to serve as a “watchdog” of public officials and as a responsible sort of information for members of the public who, in many cases, do not have the time or access to acquire the information published by reporters associated with FCIR.

This multimedia source of information is the result of the collaboration of journalists, who are committed to put get the truth out there and protect the public interest.

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