Learn, network, find a job at journalismjobs.com


If you are looking for a job, journalismjobs.com is the right place to start.

Users can send their resumes to a variety of companies including newspapers, television networks, public relations agencies, non-profit organizations and government entities, located in different areas of the United States. They can also post their resumes on the website.

Just to give you an idea, former visitors of the web have found jobs in well-known news organizations including CNN, Wall Street Journal, C-Span, PBS, National Geographic, The New York Times and ABC.

This site not only gives you the option to apply to jobs, but also to get prepared to work in the field, offering a free training related to ethical issues, new trends in the market and even an estimated of salaries.

JournalismJobs.com also gives the options to employers to publish a job opening, to network with the visitors of the site and to search for resumes that match with the job description they posted.

This useful website was founded in 1998 by a former copy editor and business writer with the Washington Post, Dan Rohn and since then he has made the job search of millions of journalists easier.

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