Make your professional portfolio stand out


If you are looking for a job in the journalism field and want to make a good impression, can help you with this.

In this website, journalists, bloggers and even freelance writers can create a professional portfolio and publish in an organized way all their clips and previous work in the field. also allows visitors to add their social media links, write their biography and customized their website as they desire, including the color, images and the format of the files uploaded.

In addition, users have the option to direct future employers to several links and attach their clips to e-mails and websites.

The good thing about Cuttings is that it is very simple to use. First, visitors of the site shall only register and create account to be part of the network. Second, they shall download all the files or links related to their stories as well as adding the social sites of them to include content in their page. The final result will be a personal URL that will include the site address and your name.

With just two steps, users will have their professional portfolio created.

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