Smart phone now a necessary tool for journalists


Something tells me it is only a matter of a couple years before cell phones that aren’t smart phones will be obsolete — I honestly think this is almost true within journalism today.

My girlfriend just found out that she is getting an iPhone 4 in a couple weeks and I swear it is like she is in a brand new world because all of the opportunities that the smart phone brings is now open to her: instant information, better connectivity, picture and file sharing, and so forth. All of the features of a smart phone are even more important for a journalist who is constantly trying to be at the cutting edge of his/her field.

It is honestly hard to think of a time when smart phones weren’t a part of everyday life in journalism. How did we go without answering e-mails that we now find crucial to getting the interviews or access that we need for a particular story? Was there ever a time when we couldn’t just pull out our smart phone to snap a photo that could legitimately be posted on an online blog of a publication within minutes? Well, yes, there was, but it feels like eons ago and for many reasons.

One, in particular, is very exciting, and it is that journalism is moving at a very rapid pace in our society. Journalists are creating new, innovative ways to gather and distribute information and utilizing the social media outlets to their utmost advantage. Smart phones are key within this movement.

While the old school values of journalism are still necessary for the ethical side of the industry, pen and paper are even becoming a thing of the past for stories now, let alone the tape recorder. All of this is can be attributed to the smart phone movement that has come about and is definitely here to stay.

Journalism is an exciting industry now because of all of the technology that is in our hands. While print might be a dying art that is hurting publications because of the immense change, the digital age is bringing more than enough opportunities for journalists. One can only think of a time now when the next generation is scoffing at the idea of having an iPhone or Android.

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