‘Skimm’ the news and have fun at same time


As a journalist, I have learned that time is of the essence and, when it comes to getting the latest on breaking news and current events, reading all the news is time consuming. So, for me, finding new ways of getting the information of the day is important.

On Tuesday morning, I was watching “The Today Show” when I heard about theSkimm, an online newsletter that is delivered to a reader’s inbox in the morning with all that is news from politics, entertainment and sports.

The newsletter is a quick read about what is going on in the news world. The news is put into sections, so the reader can get to the important details of the news of the day and fast. It’s made to be fun as well, so when needed the reader can have a conversation starter.

With a section called, “Repeat after Me,” which gives the reader lines to say if stick in a particular situation, for example, “What to say when you think someone is waving to you and they’re not…” theSkimm gives the reader a quick and funny comeback. The answer for this can be read by visiting the archives on the site.

The newsletter also has a section called “Skimm Favor,” which asks the reader to pass along a message or post some news. Birthdays of readers are posted and the newsletter encourages the reader to e-mail any news that was missed to SkimmThis@theSkimm.com.

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