Google Analytics provides statistics on website visits


While print circulations decline, online publications are becoming more important to news companies and independents journalists. Advertisements have allowed different journalistic sites to make a profit based on the number of people who visit the site. However, increasing the flow of traffic to a website can be difficult to achieve.

This is where Google Analytics comes in useful.

Google Analytics, which has been around since 2005, tracks information about people who visit websites. It can determine what parts of a website are most popular, the success of social media campaigns, whether people are using mobile apps related to the website, how many customers are being attracted and how well a website’s advertising is working.

One of the key services that Google Analytics provides is how visitors arrive at a website. This allows online journalists and news companies to determine whether their online advertising campaigns are effective, how much they rely on search engine results and how many people go straight to site by typing in the website name on a web browser.

Websites can also use Google Analytics to see where traffic on their website is coming from and the average time spent on the site. For example, a website can view how many people from each country visit. This could lead to them discovering that while they might have a lot of visitors from English-speaking countries, there might not be the same level of popularity in other parts of the world. This might end up resulting in a campaign to make the site friendlier to international visitors.

Google Analytics has already had a serious effect in the online world. It is estimated that around 55 percent of the 10,000 most popular sites uses Google Analytics. If news companies and online journalists learn to use Google Analytics, then they could be one step closer in learning how to monetize the online news industry.

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