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Compiled by Joseph Cervone, posted Feb. 28, 2011

1. The New York Times: The absolute premier list of best-selling books in the United States featuring their weekly list each Sunday. When it comes to finding the very best in fiction, nonfiction, paperback, or hardcover, The New York Times‘ Sunday edition features author interviews, novel reviews and their best seller lists. The best feature of The New York Times is the varied best seller lists categorized by year, author and genres allowing viewers to scan the most popular and purchased books.

2. Boston Globe: The Boston Globe’s book review section features reviews of newly released books and best seller lists categorized similarly to The New York Times. What’s unique about the Boston Globe are the community orientated features, including the top places in Boston to purchase discounted books, as well as a list of upcoming author visits.

3. BookSpot: What makes BookSpot so useful is its capabilities as a resource for finding and searching for new books. Viewers can search based on bestseller list, by genre,  and prize winners. The “Author Spotlight” feature highlights varied writers, both modern and historic, and provides profiles and lists of their published work.  BookSpot is a database that is useful for both general and specific searches.

4. Powell’s Books: What started as a small bookshop in Portland, Oregon as grown into an extensive website where readers can buy and sell new as well as used copies of books. Powell’s Staff Top 5s of 2010 displays the five favorite books of 2010 for each member of Powell’s very large staff. The Powell staff features reviews of every book subject available, making this website useful for finding a new paperback to dive into.

5. Google Books: The world’s best search engine also includes an eBook store where customers can purchase and read electronic books without every leaving the Google domain. Google books provides a variety of free eBooks, particularly classical novels. It also offers suggested books of interest based on past purchases and books viewed. Similar to other book purchasing websites, Google Books also features new arrivals, New York Times best sellers and top rated books offering them for electronic and hardcopy purchases.

6. Amazon: One of the leading websites for purchasing books, offers best selling books at discounted prices. Due to their Kindle e-reader, Amazon is one of the leading websites in e-books. Amazon is also unique in that it features Best Books of the month and even book clubs that categorize popular novels and popular picks.

7. Publisher’s Weekly: While intended as a trader’s magazine for publishers, booksellers and literary agents, Publishers Weekly offers subscribers literary news, book reviews and schedules of book fairs. Although a subscription to Publishers Weekly is required, the website offers 4 free issues to prospective subscribers.

8. USA Today: One of the most popular daily newspapers in the country also is a reliable book resource. The book section of the USA Today’s website not only has book reviews from some our the nation’s leading journalists, but also has a list of “Top 150 Books” that have been sold throughout the country and links to make purchasing as easy as possible.

9. iTunes Audio books: While most book lovers can’t possibly imagine experiencing a great read without flipping the pages themselves, there’s no denying the increasing technology that is changing the way Americans read. While audio books have been around for quite some time, the iTunes Audio book library sells these books for a great price, recommends reads it thinks that you will enjoy and download directly onto your iPod and computer.

10. Time Magazine’s All Time 100 Novels: For even the most avid readers, the challenge of reading an entire list like Time magazine’s “All Time 100 Novels” can be a daunting task. Compiled by Time literary critics, the 100 Novels are made up of English language novels ranging from 1923 to the present. Representing a wide variety of literary pieces, ranging from classics to modern bestsellers, Time magazine has assembled one of the best and most diverse lists of literary masterpieces.

11. Bookreporter: One of the lesser known book websites, Bookreporter provides a little bit of everything to visitors. Offering the standard reviews, feature stories, and author profiles, Bookreporter also diversifies itself by featuring its “Word of Mouth” feature that allows readers to share their what they’re currently reading along with a rating of 1 to 5 stars.

12. Books: Whether or not you’re a fan of talk show host Oprah Winfrey, there is no denying the large impact her book list has on readers across the nation. While most may think that Oprah’s book list is just those books that she features on her television show,  her website features book lists that can appeal to just about any group of people.  From “Oprah’s 10 Favorite Books from the Last Decade” to lists containing the classics you never read but should, has much more than the typical books your grandmother reads.

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