University of Miami (athletics)

Compiled by Debora Rubi, posted Sept. 22, 2010.

The Internet can be very useful in not only writing but entertaining. This specific list contains a collecting of sites related to University of Miami athletics. As a beat writer, these sites can obviously be used for extra research, but they can also be an entertaining website for all Hurricanes fans who want to know scores, look up past records, learn about specific players, and keep up with news about their favorite teams. The sites can be fan based, part of the university, or an independent publication:

1. is the official site of University of Miami athletics. It provides news, rosters, schedules, media guides, and player profiles. As part of the actual institution, this information is the most reliable. Since its run entirely by a select group of Sports Information Directors, the stories/score updates can sometimes lag a couple of minutes behind compared to other sources that provide immediate results. For many of the games, also provides life stats/play-by-play of games.

2. Official website of the NCAA. It is most useful to find  the Top 25 rankings in all collegiate sports. It also has expert blogs about all of the sports providing a good synthesis of that week. The site also provides nationwide statistics and calendars to all the NCAA championships (including regular season and post season) for each sport. Stories can be found on the homepage dealing with the Top 25 teams of all the ongoing sports. The site is a very good spot to keep track of some of the smaller sports that don’t get a large amount of coverage in other sites.

3. The site is most useful in trying to find immediate scores after or during games. ESPNU also provides immediate news from all of the sports going on at that specific time. There is specific homepages for basketball and football, but information can be found on other sports, although it is not quite as accessible as it would be on the site. ESPNU also provides great feature stories on players and coaches from all of the NCAA sports.

4. site includes up to date scores on all ACC teams. It also provides apparel on all the teams. The site is very useful in trying to find information about teams. There are subdivisions for all the ACC sports. In each subdivision there are sections for news, statistics, and standings that are useful when comparing teams within the same division. The archives section is also very useful for looking up important research information.

5. provides access to the TV programming that CBS provides of all college sports. This is useful in finding out which games are being broadcast. Also, becoming a member will allow you watch games online that are not available on television.

6. SEC The official site of the SEC provides the same series of functions as the website. It provides schedules, websites, and news stories. It provides insight on the conference while also providing sponsors, merchandise, and broadcasts. It’s mainly important as the SEC is one of the strongest conferences, and it also includes Florida — one of UM’s biggest rivals.

7. USA Today College Sports provides up to date news and scores on college sports. It has individual pages for football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball. It’s, like ESPN, better if used for the more major sports. For the other sports page it is fun to browse but hard to find specific information. Aside from just result updates there are also profiles and event calendars for the many championships.

8. The Miami Herald: the site is useful in keeping updates on major news stories regarding UM athletics. It will most likely only cover stories regarding one of the major sports (football, basketball, or baseball). There aren’t links to individual sports but rather what the newspaper considers to be the overall top stories for the day.

9. The Miami Hurricane: the campus paper provides stories on all of the sports on campus written by UM students. While some sports only get briefs, others get articles. They are a good immediate source, but the articles and score results are not immediate so they are not good if you want to know the most up-to-date results. It also has great profiles on players and teams on all of the UM sports.

10. the site is good at covering some of the lesser known sports and conferences. It provides news, blogs, and message boards. It is a great way to find initial information (although at times not entirely reliable information). It’s also a great way to interact with other fans about specific subjects, so it’s a lot more interactive than other pages.

11. the website for the UM Hall of Fame is a great way to read up on some of the history involved in Miami’s athletic system. The site provides access to all the inductees to the Hall of Fame, divided up by individual sport. It’s a great way to find out the history of each sport while also getting quick access to notable alumni of the university.

12. hosted by, Canes Sport provides information on off-season recruitment, mainly for basketball and football. The content is created by local writers, and there are also message forums to discuss possible recruits. The information does not at times seem entirely reliable, but it’s a great page to get early information to further research.

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