Travel (destination activities)

Compiled by Alex Pearce, posted Sept. 22, 2010

1. The Thorn Tree Travel Forum – Sponsored by the giant of travel guides, Lonely Planet, the Thorn Tree provides a safe haven for travelers of all stripes to regale one another with stories of their adventures and exchange tips on where to go and what to do when you get there.

2. – UrbanDaddy provides users with an idea of what’s hot in town. Available for several major cities, the site has daily updates on events and openings about whichever city you choose, along with special highlights on certain events. UD might focus on a new barbershop one day, a high-end fashion boutique housed in a parking garage the next day and a beer festival over the weekend.

3. – Although its main site does allow users to search the day’s events, Thrillist is at its core a listserv that sends out daily emails with updates about happenings in the users town. While these inbox-fillers might become annoying after a while, the events they link to tend to be fun and frivolous, mixing glamorous lounges with high-profile house parties and book signings.

4. – It might not be as polished as some of the other websites on this list, but Flavorpill is a handy guide to the local music-and-party scene. Reading more like a blog than an events list, users are presented with plenty of places to go focusing heavily on food.

5. – Catering to professionals and philanthropists, SocialMiami focuses on charity galas and events. It also has specific sections of the site for luxury goods and services, offering up nanny services and insider tips about everything from spas to the opera.

6. – DailyCandy is similar to the other websites on this list in that it gives tips on where to go and what to do, but it has a very feminine bent. Rather than appeal to a unisex nightlife-loving crowd, DailyCandy’s niche is cute and sweet. It’s a nice website with less risqué suggestions for how to spend your time.

7. – 10Best does it all and does it well. Giving an overview of various regions and subjects from around the world, 10Best compresses its top picks into easily digestible lists of ten, including everything from Miami nightlife to tourist spots in Cairo.

8. – Everyone knows about Expedia and Orbitz, but Fare Compare has real-time updates on airfare comparisons.

9. – A general travel blog that is fun and funny. The author keeps the website fresh with constant updates recording his travels and links to anything that happens to catch his fancy. This is the sort of site one might use to get an idea what the hardcore traveler is like.

10. – Written by the former travel editor for USA Today, this site provides readers with an insightful take on travel from the perspective of a traveling journalist. He goes on at length about his actual travels and everything related to the subject.

11. Upgrade: Travel Better – For seasoned travelers, the journey is the worthier part of travel. This site gives users tips and updates on the latest in airlines, hotels and car rentals to make lives easier for travelers looking to save a little money while on the road.

12. – For the serious traveler, there are few things more pleasurable than reading and sharing adventures gathered from wanderings around the world. This site gives users a frequently updated list of what it considers the best travel blogs on the web.

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