University of Miami (football)

Compiled by Robbie Shiver, posted Sept. 23, 2010

1. This is the website I go to first.  Despite the fact that it is not always the most credible site, I enjoy reading the message boards and seeing the opinions of other fans.  They come out with new stories daily, sometimes about recruiting other times about practices and sometimes simply just opinion articles on the state of the team.  The only negative to this site is that you need to pay to read the articles and the message boards.

2. I enjoy reading this site mainly for breakdowns before games.  I think ESPN does a very good of having their experts have knowledge about the teams and I think their breakdowns are usually fair, thoughtful and complete.  Obviously ESPN is the most respected name in the sports news market and I definitely enjoy their content.  I go to ESPN first for many different types of sports info.

3. This site is very similar to the rivals website. This is an affiliate of ESPN, meaning ESPN gets the majority of their breaking news, recruiting tidbits, and inside info from InsideTheU. The only reason I do not frequent this site more is because I am not a member and parts of the site are blocked to all non-subscribers.

4. I really enjoy the work The Miami Herald does with the Hurricanes because of the reliability of their stories.  I am also a huge fan of the Miami Hurricanes blog.  It is very efficient because of the combination of video and text.  This keeps me interested to read the text when, in most cases, I will not read through an entire long article.

5. While I like this site, it strikes me as much less professional.  Random fans post at times with opinion slideshows and stories.  While this site does usually remain optimistic, making it good for after a loss, it needs to work on its credibility.

6. This site is very similar to rivals and InsideTheU.  I like this site because of the recruiting information in the off-season.  They do a good job breaking down the recruits we are looking to get.  They also do a very good job contacting recruits and getting good interviews.

7. This site offers updated information on all of the Miami Hurricanes sports but focuses for the most part on football and basketball.  It is run by the Athletic Department so it remains positive and upbeat. However, it does post some funny links involving Hurricane alumni. The most recent posting like this was of Ray Lewis in his newest Old Spice commercial. They also posted a like to a video The Rock made about the Miami – Ohio State football game. This is a fun site to go to, and if I am already on Facebook, then I will usually check it out.

8. Similar to the Facebook page, the twitter page updates all Hurricane sports and is run by the UM Athletic Department. I like to check this page out because it is convenient when if I am already on twitter and it gives the most up to date info possible.  An example of something that was tweeted recently was from Chris Freet, sports information director at UM, who alerted Twitter followers that the team arrived safely in Pittsburgh after its flight.

9. This is the website for the local radio station which broadcasts all of the games.  I go to this site to listen to some of the interviews they have involving Miami football.  The problem with this site is that many of the interviews involve other professional sports teams I am not very interested in such as the Dolphins and Marlins.  However, I like this website because you are able to listen to exclusive interviews of coaches and players when they come on the show.  The best part of the site is the simple fact that you are able to listen to an interview that might have taken place yesterday at any time and at your own convenience.

10. As much as I am a fan of the Miami Herald blog, I am equally that big of a fan of many of the stories written in the Sun-Sentinel.  I do not read the blog for this site, but I will definitely sit down and read a story on the Canes from this site over The Miami Herald, which has beat writers that I do not care for.

11. I do not go to this site very much because I am a fan of The Miami Herald blog and a fan of the Sun-Sentinel stories.  However, when I am excited about an upcoming football game or I simply want to go to a site to read someone else’s take on the game I will go to this site often.

12. I enjoy going to the Hurricane Sports web page because it tends to give me a lot of updated information.  Obviously, all the information is either positive or simply fact based, but the site is usually the first to deliver breaking news. I also like the site because I have done some work with the site myself while working with the University of Miami Sports Media Relations Department.  The site gives up-to-the-game statistics, recaps when practices and games are held and also does a good job of linking you to social network information on how to get more news from Twitter and Facebook. I usually tend not to sit on this site and read articles, however, if I want to know a quick fact about the team, such as when they play a certain opponent or who leads the team in tackles, the Hurricane Sports website is definitely where I look first because it is so easy to navigate and all the basic information is just a click or two away.

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