Travel (publications and general)

Compiled by Kelsey Pinault, posted Sept. 23, 2010

1. National Geographic – Travel. What started as a magazine featuring animals and our environment in general has now become a household name and is in my opinion the best resource to use when traveling to a foreign place. The Travel portion offers over 40 different “city guides” to places overseas as well as major cities in the U.S., not to mention the amazing photographs.

2. The New York Times – Travel. Another website developing from a reliable New York news source, The New York Times Travel section of the site currently offers a list of “The 31 Places to Go in 2010. From Sri Lanka to Nepal, this site offers beautiful pictures and interesting historical facts about each destination.

3. The Wall Street Journal – Travel. This trusted journal that comes from New York uses it’s digital network to reach out with human-interest pieces that might not be found in the print version. This tab, located under the “Life & Culture” section features travel spots that are “Off the Beaten Track” as well as current news information pertaining to hotels, resorts, and travel destinations in general while keeping in mind what is currently going on in the area.

4. World Map Finder. As a travel reporter, it is obviously necessary to know where you are heading and what you are near at all times. So if you are feeling a little rusty on your continent knowledge, this site gives maps of all seven, while also providing information on airports, and other transportation in each area.

5. Nomadic Matt’s Travel Blog. As far as travel blogs go, this is one of the most interesting I came across. Through his blog, traveler Matt not only tells the stories he’s creating in his life full of exploration but also gives travel tips, other blogs, books, guides, videos, links, etc.

6. Cheap Flights. Clearly a travel writer can build up a high credit card bill fast when buying so many flights to far away destinations. So, it’s important to find the cheapest flights for your destination. Although there are many sites for this purpose, my favorite is Cheap Flights. You simply state the date and destination you have in mind and get a list of the different options of airlines near you and their prices.

7. 10 Best. As the slogan says, this website aims to provide “trusted advice for travelers”. The travel guide offers advice on everything from restaurants to important information on the destination you seek.

8. Travel Writers Exchange. This website is useful for anyone considering going into the travel reporting business. The home page explains what the site is about and offers tips and articles. On this site you can also contribute to the forums dealing with any subject people have already posted on, or something else. Most importantly the site have a article describing how you successfully become a travel reporter.

9. Matador Network. A website made for the love of travel, Matador Network offers a different insight into the world abroad. The site has pages for useful topics such as trip ideas to nightlife. Matador also offers an abroad and travel writing section, both of which contain useful information for someone planning on joining the travel writing field.

10. The Travel Mavens. This site is solely dedicated to finding the best travel blogs on the World Wide Web right now, and is a perfect place to start out as a travel writer. It has news and writing examples for the editor of the site as well as an insight tab for travelers suggesting other blogs and websites for travelers.

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