Politics (humor)

Compiled by Alex Bryant, posted Sept. 28, 2010

1. Daniel Kurtzman’s Political Humor Blog— Political humor blogs are a great way to get a real sense of what is going on in Washington, because the humor they use allow people to laugh at the issues, but understand how crazy they actually are. Many times people are frustrated with how the government is running the country. Kurtzman does a great job of mixing in cartoons, with his own thoughts, as well as giving links to a lot of other insightful material.

2. The Washington Roast — A general humor news site that focuses a majority on politics as most news sites do.  The Washington Roast is also a great place when one is not looking just for political humor, but in general a sophisticated laugh.

3. The Onion —  One of the biggest names in satire news, The Onion has some of the freshest and unique content on all topics.  One of the major features of this website is a lack of slant.  With some humor news sites, as with any news organization, it is usually possible to figure out the general views of the editorial staff.  The Onion spares no one.

4. DeMOCKracy — Unlike the first three sites, the blog DeMOCKracy has more of a serious analytical tone to it.  Most of the posts poke fun at some person, party, or idea, but there is true analysis of the issues going on.  The other great feature about DeMOCKracy is that if you think you have something of value to add to the site, they encourage anyone to apply to be a contributor.

5. Out in Left Field — This one is a mom’s take on politics, mixing in a little bit of parenting advice while commenting on the state of the country.  Even though we all may not have children, it is still a funny way to look as if your mom is telling you the way she thinks things should be done.

6. Apoliticus — A little on the stronger side of humor, the writers of this site have a very negative view of politics.  The site takes jabs at everyone, but generally has the theme of being against the political establishment.

7. Tiny Minds — Tiny Minds is similar in fashion to something like Fail blog, in that it takes real items from across the interweb, and make comical commentary on these various items, always with a political idea tied to the satire.

8. Your Civic Doody — The tagline is “I take the real morning news and crap it out to you by dinner time.” This is mostly one writer with a strong opinion on just about everything.  The site’s writer is not afraid to let you know how he or she feels, as long as you laugh.

9. The Daily Show — One of the staples of political satire, the Daily Show is one of the largest and most consistent names in making fun of everything governmental.  The thing that has allowed the show to be so successful for so long, is the fact that the writers actually know what they are talking about, making the comedy eerily accurate in portraying the state of our government.

10. Tina Dupuy — This one is a personal favorite because, instead of a political expert being funny, we have a comedy expert being political. A stand up comedian talking politics will always work.

11. The Colbert Report —– Stephen Colbert went before congress this past week, and there were plenty of jokes flying.  I don’t know how many people could go in front of congress making jokes and actually make an extremely valuable point, but I know which one is worth paying attention to.

12. Cracked —  While very similar in design to the Onion, Cracked focuses not on creating punchlines, but finding the irony in everyday life, which is a different change of pace.  Let the news make fun of itself and you’d be surprised how screwed up things can be.

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