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How TED provides depth to a reporter’s story

By SAIRA SUMBAL Your ability to report a story is heavily defined by the type of investment you make in improving your intellect. Yep, I said it, and I probably sounded like a professor you had in college (because I … Continue reading

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State of the art

By SANDY FLOREZ In 2011, being an art lover doesn’t require a passport and an airplane ticket — just Internet access. Thanks to Google’s newly launched Google Art Project, you will be able to wander through the corridors of the … Continue reading

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Last.fm: An innovative way to discover new music

By MARISA HIVNER Oh music, one of the best things about living. It’s inspiring and absolutely delightful, and my unquenchable thirst for more consumes me. So, how does a raging music enthusiast such as myself get a fix? Last.fm, of … Continue reading

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Artdaily.org, an art newspaper on the Web

By KELLY BURNS Fine arts are a significant part of our society and they are one of the ways our identity is preserved for generations to come. While sometimes the arts are overlooked, they are rich in history and culture, … Continue reading

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Get the latest entertainment news at Variety.com

By KYLI SINGH Interested in entertainment journalism? Definitely take a look at Variety.com. I was recently browsing the Web and came across Variety, an American weekly entertainment magazine. The magazine and its Web site has broad coverage of movies, television, … Continue reading

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Music reviews: Where to begin

By ALEXANDER B. PEARCE Music reviewing is an area of journalism unlike any other. Most news stories present facts to the public without adding anything in terms of opinion or spin. Even other types of entertainment reviews, like movies and … Continue reading

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Metacritic simplifies and condenses media reviews

By NINA GREEN It used to be that most Americans got their information from one newspaper, usually a local one. From this newspaper, they also got reviews of movies, music and TV. People came to trust their one newspaper for … Continue reading

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